Share pictures of events with friends and family

This small application can help you to share pictures of an event with friends.

Just drop your pictures on the red square at the bottom of the event page, and send the link to friends. They'll be able to see the pictures, download a zip containing all the pictures, and add their own pictures.

Create a new page to share pictures

Wait a minute, I don't get it, why should I not use one of the exisiting picture sharing website?

Well, this application is made for those who haven't the time to create an account on a serious website, or to understand how the sharing and privacy works on those sites and if they can delete the pics afterwards and if all of their friends or family will be free to add beautiful pictures of you (because you take nice pics of them, but you never have nice pictures of you)...

The advantage of Picpic is that everybody with a mail address can receive a link to a page and directly see the pics, and download them all, and add new pics without creating any kind of account at a real picture or file-sharing website. Your friends will have absolutely no excuse not to share with you the nice pictures they took at the event.

The Urls are not predictable, thus only your friends will see the pictures. Of course anybody could have access to the pics if they have access to the browser history, or scan the network, or receive the link from an undelicate friend. The pages are expiring after two weeks, so use this service to share pics and not to store them.

This is a prototype

This application has a lot of limitations because it is just a prototype. This is going to improve with time.

Real applications

If you are looking for a real serious application, have a look at:

Try it, it's free, secure (work in progress) and private (idem)

You can test sharing your pics by creating a new Picpic page